British Xuan heavy industry three H series loader

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The H series loader is a new product of the British Xuan heavy industry, which is in line with the national three emission requirements, and it is also the technical R & D team for two years. Different types of loader products, through different configurations, suitable for light, medium and heavy work in a variety of different conditions.

Type 30 loader: the representative of YX635H, is used in energy saving and environmental protection in electric control engine emission, the maximum torque increase 8%, idle loading increased 35%, the dynamic performance has been further improved, the standard of "93 dust air filter, effectively reduce the engine failure rate, more equipped with large capacity hydraulic torque for energy saving effect.

YX655H and YX656H are 50 type loader representatives, used to reduce the speed or low-speed electronically controlled engine emission, by reasonable matching transmission system, not only improves the dynamic performance, also makes the common condition of diesel engine in low fuel consumption, reliability of the loader is higher and lower fuel consumption.

The superior performance of YX667H configuration can represent the British type 60 Hin heavy loader, it also uses the emission of engine control in large capacity, through the torque converter to achieve reasonable, perfect matching, control and fixed shaft type gear box of low oil consumption, plenty of power, speed, digging force and traction to enhance work efficiency is high. The long wheelbase and heavy duty rear frame, stable center of gravity design, tipping load, so that the whole machine is more stable.