Cutting machine maintenance rules

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Slitting machine maintenance

The use of main components prior to full automatic cutting machine for inspection, lubricating oil; automatic cutting machine in disassembly inspection, is strictly prohibited to use appropriate tools, using the method of operation is not scientific; every two weeks on the machine for a comprehensive clean-up and inspection; automatic cutting machine such as a long time to stop no, it must be all the bright surface wipe clean, coated with anti rust oil, covered with plastic sleeve of the machine cover. Such as automatic cutting machine for more than March, should be in the anti rust oil on paper; after the completion of the work, careful cleaning equipment, and the exposed friction surface wipe clean, add lubricating oil.

Daily maintenance

To do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the cutting machine to do the following five points.

First, the electrical parts should be regularly cleaned and checked in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers.

Second, the use of cutting machine by slitting machine, cutting machine to complete, therefore, to use the high quality of the longitudinal cutting knife and cutting knife.

Third, the daily maintenance of cutting machine to be in place, the principle is smooth, clean, clearing (dust-free, no debris) in place, to ensure that the equipment is in a good state of sliding parts.

Fourth, is to maintain the work of the rotating parts to stop the regular and irregular inspection (especially for vulnerable parts to stop real-time monitoring). Regular adjustment, regular change, commutator and meticulous records, in order to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of equipment.

Fifth, to improve the operation of the technical staff of the technical quality and degree of control on the operation of the local part of the person to do, without permission, no person shall operate.