High speed rail construction to promote the development of engineering machinery to promote the crusher industry

- Apr 24, 2017 -

In recent years, high-speed railway construction is in a very important position. Relative to the highway construction, railway construction investment scale, long construction period, involving a wide range, can effectively drive the building materials, construction machinery and other markets. According to the high-speed railway infrastructure investment of 600 billion yuan, accounting for the share of civil engineering in which about 55%, which means that this year, China's civil investment will reach $330 billion. Among them, the demolition cost of about 50 billion yuan, the construction cost of about $50 billion roadbed, bridge construction cost of about $110 billion, the tunnel is about 110 billion yuan.

These projects involve a wide range of construction machinery products, earth and stone machinery, lifting machinery, crushing machinery, sand making machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery...... Whenever the name of the name of the construction machinery products, without exception, have the possibility to participate in railway construction. These products, the use of the largest number of earth and stone machinery, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, crusher, sand making machine, milling machine, will play their respective role.

Whether the highway construction or the construction of high-speed railway are not from a lot of sand and gravel and concrete aggregate, and in accordance with the new operating index of new concrete and aggregate particle gradation type, put forward higher requirements, it can be said is entirely in accordance with international standards. According to the new requirements of high speed railway on the concrete aggregate, gradation, high-speed railway, famous domestic mining machinery manufacturer in Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Ltd. design and production of highway sand aggregate production line finished aggregate sand gradation is reasonable, good grain shape, elongated particles can be controlled within 3-5%. Especially for basalt broken, Henan Red Star based on years of experience in the construction field, found that basalt production process of jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher production of stone, often flakiness content is high, can not meet the needs of the construction of the expressway and high-speed railway, and the crusher wear parts easy to wear cost control, is very unfavorable. In view of this situation, Henan Red Star Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., the production of broken experts found that the use of VSI5X centrifugal impact crusher (high efficiency sand making machine) can solve this problem. The use of VSI5X series centrifugal impact crusher (high sand making machine) after technical modification, the product flakiness content is reduced to 4.8%, and the single crusher as compared to the final crushing process line, yield increased 30-35%; due to the increase of the broken shaping processes, increase crushing ratio and processing capacity, the yield significantly upgrade. With the direct use of crusher as compared to final crushing process of gravel, the equipment wearing is reduced by 25%; the broken or cone crusher as two stage crushing, and efficient shaft impact crusher metal consumption is very few, therefore, the whole process of wearing parts consumption is lower the amplitude of the.