Housing construction: concrete mixer drive system inspection requirements

- Apr 24, 2017 -

1, transmission operation should be stable, the connection should be reliable. The gear transmission of the gear meshing should be good, the lateral clearance should not be greater than 1.5 ~ 3mm, radial clearance should not be greater than 4 ~ 6mm, the radial runout of the larger gear should not be greater than 3mm. The radial runout of the pinion should not be greater than 0.05mm. JZM rubber roller and raceway should be in good contact, the operation should not be beating and deviation, roller and roller wear should not exceed 30% of the original thickness.

2, belt tightness should be appropriate, the force should be uniform, should not be broken. Chain and sprocket teeth should not be.

3, the upper hopper roller, idler wheel should be intact, wear should not exceed the provisions.

4, gearbox operation should not be abnormal sound, seal should be good, there should be no oil leakage.

5, equipped with a tire concrete mixer, the tire pressure should be in accordance with the provisions of the manual, fixed bolts should be intact, complete, should not loose.

6, clutch power transmission should be effective, separation should be thorough. Brakes should be sensitive and reliable.