Shandong Lingong L955F wheel loader

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Shandong Lingong L955F wheel loader is a heavy loading type 3200mm long wheelbase energy-saving loader, the use of new appearance, the gearbox is equipped with low speed energy-saving emission of the engine in three, Shandong Lingong homemade and strengthening type drive axle and the load sensing hydraulic steering system, double steering pump can achieve classification variables automatic control. Optimization design of the working device, the digging force, full coefficient is high, is used for water conservancy construction, high-speed railway construction, highway construction, mining and transportation of a road construction project.

Outstanding performance extraordinary

The second generation of energy saving technology of L955F loader, the comprehensive efficiency is not lower than the same industry under the premise of competitive products, realize the comprehensive energy saving 20% a year, saving 6000L, comprehensive fuel economy and industry leader, in line with the current situation Chinese. The main technical performance index of the products has reached the advanced level of the international similar products, and has been widely recognized by the market and the customers.

Articulated by strengthening box type frame structure of L955F loader, tapered roller bearing and joint bearing composite hinge structure, high reliability; main board adopts wear-resistant steel bucket ladder structure, bottom wear plate by thickening the concave insertion type structure, small resistance, better wear resistance; the wheelbase lengthened to 3200, more stable and efficient operation of walking. Through the NVH analysis, the optimization of the suspension damping system, the vibration of the whole machine is reduced by 40%, and the noise is reduced by 5dB (A). The noise is lower than the national standard at the present stage, and reaches the two stage emission standard.

L955F loader to upgrade the appearance of new, sleek design and molding technology, enhance the paper loader aesthetic feeling and brand recognition, appearance and competitive products comparative advantage is more obvious; according to a new generation of new cab ergonomics optimization design, improve the cab sealing and noise reduction performance, upgrade the indoor cycling the air filtration system, space also increased by 15%, the overall ride comfort has been further improved; curved glass without vertigo dead, for operators to provide a more comfortable operating environment. At the same time, in order to adapt to the harsh environmental requirements, L955F loader tire level is to reach the 18 level.

Not only that, using high performance brake system, mesh window protection, waterproof connector, voice alarm and a series of safety design of L955F loader, and comprehensively improve the safety performance of the whole machine, reached the leading domestic level of security.