The best choice of HJ series high energy jaw crusher

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Recently, the world state machine (Shanghai State Machinery Co., Ltd.) in the introduction and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of innovative research and development of the HJ series high-energy jaw crusher. HJ series high jaw crusher is according to the actual needs of customers to the scene, a research design concept of high input and output based on the modern high performance crusher set, low energy consumption and high productivity in one of the modern high performance crusher.

In the crushing process of the first broken link, jaw crusher has become an indispensable coarse broken stone machine. However, on the market, the traditional jaw crusher, although the technology is mature, but relatively backward technology, equipment, large volume and weight, low production efficiency. The HJ series high-energy jaw crusher successfully solves this series of problems.

Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, sebang Research Center Li Gong introduced: "the moving jaw trajectory and cavity optimization, HJ series high jaw crusher in the same size under the condition of production has been greatly improved. In addition, the overall structure of the model and the optimization of the counterweight, also significantly improved the stability of the equipment." HJ series high energy jaw crusher is to break the industry of jaw crusher "stupid, big, thick" traditional impression. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure and small occupation area, and the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of small occupation area, so that the utility model can play a bigger role in the limited space.

HJ series high jaw crusher crusher as a new generation of high performance, in terms of performance, maintenance cost and structure beyond the traditional jaw broken, can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement, construction sand, metallurgy and other industries. "HJ series should be used for building stone, high-energy cracking mechanism of sand production process, especially the broken basalt and hard material, compared with the traditional crusher with high production efficiency, low operation cost. In addition, the HJ series high jaw crusher used in black, non-ferrous metal ore dressing process, also can effectively reduce the particle size of the ore, improve the production capacity, reduce energy consumption, improve the economic benefit of the concentrator. Combined with the present customer site related feedback, I believe that the high-energy HJ series jaw crusher will become the best choice for customers in the field of jaw crusher."