What are the precautions of concrete mixer

- Apr 24, 2017 -

1, before the use of new machines should be in accordance with the requirements of the use of concrete mixer manual, the various systems and components for each item and the necessary test run. Empty running, check the direction of rotation of the mixing cylinder or mixing blade, the operation of each device, brake, confirmed normal, before operation.

2, fixed type concrete mixer, should be installed on a solid pedestal. When used for a long time, should be embedded anchor bolts; such as the use of short-term, can be placed in the lower berth sleeper and leveling.

3, for the mobile type concrete mixer, should be installed on flat hard floor with wood or supporting frame in prison, and maintain the level of tire force. If the use of more than three months time, should be removed from the tire to properly keep the end of the shaft should be clean and rust prevention work.

4, some of the need to dig the pit on the hopper mixer, the pit around the pad high compaction, to prevent ground water into the pit. The supporting surface of the bottom rail of the feeding rail frame should be compacted or paved with bricks, and the back of the frame must be supported by wood, so as to prevent the deformation of the track when working.

5, after the start of the concrete mixer, the mixing cylinder should be able to achieve the normal speed after the feeding, feeding on time to add water; add new materials must be the first of all the original concrete in the mixer can be unloaded after. Do not stop or load the load to start the mixer, except for the reversal of the material.

6, in the use of concrete mixer, do not let the sand into the machine running parts, so as not to make the operation of the components to get stuck. After lifting the hopper, the bucket can not be passed or stay, so as to avoid the failure of the brake accident. If it is necessary for the maintenance or cleaning work under the bucket, forced to stop and the upper hopper with the insurance chain.

7, mixer operation, such as found that the fault can not continue to run, should immediately cut off the power supply, the mixing drum of concrete clean, and then repair.

8, after the operation, with blender for comprehensive cleaning operators such as the need to enter the cylinder cleaning, the power must be cut off, the person in custody, or remove the fuse and lock the switch box, and then can enter.

9, the application of mixer hopper crank pin is fixed, so as not to enter in cleaning, touch the hopper lifting crank, extrusion accident.

10, after the operation, the mixer hopper should be dropped to the hopper pit, such as the need to rise is the use of chain buckle.