Concrete Delivery Pump Pumping More Powerful

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Concrete delivery pump, also known as concrete pump, composed of pump body and delivery pipe. The utility model relates to a device for continuous conveying of concrete along pipelines, which is mainly used in the construction of houses, bridges and tunnels. At present, the main valve is divided into concrete delivery pump and S valve concrete pump. Another is to pump the body mounted on the chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflectional cloth rod, and the composition of the pump. 

1, pumping farther, strong power, flat bottomed transport of 300 meters, vertical pumping of 70 meters.

2, safe and reliable, the use of SIEMENS, OMRON, France Schneider electric components, protection procedures, easy maintenance.

3, high efficiency: the use of 200MM large delivery cylinder, mixing and delivery of concrete up to 25-30 cubic meters per hour;

4, safe and labor-saving: 4-5 people can be fully operational, pipeline transport will not roll the floor reinforcement.

5, fast: the use of hydraulic legs, one day can be transferred back and forth between multiple sites.