Kunchuan Company Increased Remanufacturin Application Of Stacker Promotion

- Apr 24, 2017 -

May not be magnificent, but has run silent. The latest statistics show that as of the end of October this year, the total amount of the contract of Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Co. Ltd. the stacker has exceeded 200 units, covering electricity, tobacco, liquor, airports, finance, military logistics industry more than and 10. Because of the shape of the stacker can change, innovation has been the focus of research and development team Kunchuan company. How to achieve innovation, has become an important point of research and development team.

In 2016, according to the marketing team and customer tobacco system a casual contact, the company R & D projects Kunchuan stacker group developed a new type of "done in one vigorous effort, remanufacturing" stacker, realize the new production of old products, not only saves the cost of customers, but also extend the service life of the stacker, improve the product performance. The new stacker just launched, welcomed by customers, this year has achieved sales of 22 units in Ji'nan cigarette factory, Honghe Cigarette Factory, Longyan cigarette factory have been implemented.

Change is also a kind of innovation

By chance, Kunchuan stacker company marketing team from Yunnan tobacco Honghe Hongyun tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., Honghe Cigarette Factory to understand, stacker the plant has been used for 10 years, before by Italy CMA manufacturing company, now the failure rate is obviously improved, appeared such as go for lifting motor brake failure, running and lifting positioning failure, seriously affect the normal production.

How to ensure the production? This is a difficult problem in the company Kunchuan stacker before the project development team. Replace the new stacker? Not only the workload is very large, affecting the normal production, but also high prices. At this time, re manufacturing this idea floating on the minds of the R & D team. Re manufacturing is based on the product life cycle theory, with high quality and high efficiency, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection as the standard, with advanced technology and industrial production as a means of combination of a series of technical measures of renovation waste equipment repair, product or project activities. Through remanufacturing, not only for customers to save operating costs for enterprises, but also to adapt to the needs of the development of circular economy.

Just do it, is in the original other people's products on the update, the difficulty is far greater than the reproduction of a new stacker, the product price is also much lower, some thankless. But the technical team Kunchuan company stand in the perspective of customers, the customer would like to think, to the needs of customers, resolutely took the "hot potato".