Maintenance Skill Of Concrete Pump

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Concrete pump is a kind of construction equipment commonly used in the construction side, it can greatly improve the efficiency of construction, welcomed by the construction side. However, in order to extend the service life of concrete pump, maintain a certain concrete pump maintenance skills is very important. So how to maintain the concrete pump can be specific from the following aspects.

1, hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil as a clean height requirements of the working medium, hydraulic tank can not open the lid, so as to prevent impurities mixed with hydraulic oil. Need to be reminded that, for the first time after 300 hours of work of hydraulic oil should be replaced, after every 600 hours of work should be replaced with a hydraulic oil, if found in the working process of hydraulic oil emulsification and deterioration should immediately replace hydraulic oil.

2, thermometer

Under normal circumstances, the thermometer is usually shown that the oil temperature of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil and the normal operating temperature is generally at 30 -60 C / C, the highest oil temperature is generally not more than 70 degrees C.

3, oil level meter

Oil level gauge can generally be used to observe how much oil in the tank, the oil level of the oil level gauge must be located above the specified scale, if the lack of oil should be immediately added immediately.

4, drain valve

The use of the sewage valve can be used to open the oil tank cleaning, usually the valve is closed. After 24 hours a week, you can open the drain valve once, remove the precipitation at the bottom of the tank water.

5, air filter (hydraulic tank)

The air cleaner can prevent outside air and debris mixed filtering, the proposed change once every half a year.

6, high pressure oil filter (the main system and the arm system each one)

When the oil filter of the prismatic pointer refers to the green logo, description of the work is normal, no filter blockage; when the pointer to the yellow color logo, illustrate the filter clogging, but also continue to work; when the pointer to the red logo, indicating severe clogging of the filter element cannot continue to work, must immediately replace the filter, each time the replacement of hydraulic oil filter should be replaced.

7, fastening components

Before the start of each day should check whether the fasteners are loose, if loose should be tightened and then proceed to the next step.

8, cylinder seal

The cylinder seal shall work 1000 hours per hour and replace the cylinder seal once.

9, electrical components

Before the start of each day should check the electrical components and wiring is abnormal loosening.

10, swing valve cylinder head and upper and lower spherical bearings

Every 500 hours should check the swing valve cylinder head and the upper and lower spherical bearings, if the wear is serious should be replaced in a timely manner.