The Basic Requirements And Guarantee Measures For The Safety Of Roadway Stacker

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The safety of the stacker includes the safety of the people, the safety of the equipment and the storage of the goods.

The device detects that the roadway is moving (or its own switch is detected, the external site is notified) and will be quickly adjusted to zero speed until the roadway is unattended, the equipment is re started to complete the interrupted task at low speed.

The equipment itself must have interlock function to ensure that the motor and the motor will not operate at the same time, at the beginning and end of the track, but also the corresponding protection measures. These features are involved in the elimination of major security risks, not only the need for program protection, but also the need for electrical interlocking.

For the safety of the storage of goods, the need to detect whether the material in the operation of stacking neatly, according to the actual needs and cost control design grating detection, the detection of the switch.

The above functions need to be reflected in the program design or circuit design. For multi - channel security detection function, the need for multi - channel security detection can work independently. Any action, can stop the operation of the device or make protection action.

After the completion of the program design, the need for a separate test procedures to detect whether these functions are available, but also to test the failure of the protection function of the electrical protection device can play a role.