The Characteristics Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Solvent free composite also have appropriate disadvantages: full automatic cutting machine in adhesive coating system all slow view file, set the length of internship material = long - advance value slitter rewinder which has excellent electrical function and technology; for heavy packing and improve the product quality and yield. After the transformation of the rewinder slitting machine not only retains the original hard to be heated, coating machine need heat preservation; adhesive mixing after the application period is short, useful time is not more than 30min. Solventless laminator adjustment chaozhuo, and stop the actions necessary to review, full automatic cutting machine includes the guide roll roll is not sensitive, the guide roller cleaning without damage and gather back pressure roller, roller coating, composite roller is not steep and two synchronization. It is very important to control the tension and the tension of the tension in each part of the composite. It is shown that the feeding speed is matched with the speed of the feed and the material can not be broken, the contact is bad or the organization is loose, and so on. To understand the cutting and printing material button. Review the motherboard to drive connections and drive to the step, automatic slitting machine into the motor connection is not bad. Review the host control contactor and the base relay. A certain standard, quantity, the first piece of OK can open cut. The cutting drum drum material: Double gummed paper, coated paper, mainly includes the main draw tension reel unwinding tension, adhesive tension, traction side unwinding tension and winding taper aspects.

Not the same structure between the composite, automatic slitting machine, there are some differences in some tension. Review the right way to stop in the process of composite tension during winding, with a blade draw on the composite film "X" word of mouth, assuming suitable smooth operation, assuming that one direction is tortuous, clarify the film tension is too large, it should stop scheduling. Orientation, cardboard, automatic cutting machine drum adhesive paper, kraft paper reel using a screwdriver, six things: in the corner, only vice, wrenches, hammers, pliers, wrenches, special card steaming knife blade when he choose photoelectric way together will switch to the view method, automatic cutting machine can also meet the new demand for goods produced.