What Are The Concrete Pump Parts

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Concrete pump in the work, if used improperly, it is easy to lead to some parts of the pump premature damage, not only increased the cost of equipment maintenance, but also seriously affect the production. How to improve the service life of the wearing parts of concrete pump is worth discussing.

1 cutting ring and spectacle plate

The cutting ring and plate is closely matched with a pair of glasses, with the relative motion of the contact surface of the two parts are welded with a layer of wear-resistant material, through the end of S - shaped nut splined shaft, can adjust the gap in two (0.1 ~ 0.2) mm. The rubber spring is assembled between the S tube and the cutting ring, so that the cutting ring and the glasses plate can move freely and flexibly.

With the extension of the use of time, the rubber spring loses its elasticity, the cutting ring and the contact surface of the glasses will wear, which leads to the increase of the gap between the two. When the gap is 0.7mm, it needs to be adjusted immediately, otherwise the mortar will be pumped into the gap. Once the mortar into the friction surface, cutting ring and the wear rate of the optical plate will be greatly accelerated.

Pumping concrete, cutting ring with S tube swing swing, plays a role in concrete cutting, cutting ring wear faster, the higher the pressure at the outlet of concrete, cutting wear ring is more serious. Under normal circumstances, the wear of the cutting ring first occurs at the edge, and in the upper part of the 90 degree angle of the symmetry of the two parts. Therefore, when the above part of the cutting ring is worn, the cutting ring can be rotated in an angle, and the service life of the cutting ring can be prolonged.

The wear of the lens plate occurs in the first part of the nose beam, the larger the gap between the optical plate and the cutting ring, the faster the wear rate. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the gap between the glasses plate and cutting ring, once the gap is found to increase, the need to tighten the nuts or replace the wear parts, to prevent the mortar into the friction surface. When the rubber spring loses its elasticity, it needs to be replaced immediately. For the repair of the cutting ring and the glasses plate, the D507 electrode can be used after welding.

2 pistons and cylinders

The piston is generally made of polyurethane material, has the elasticity and abrasion resistance, and the inner wall of the cylinder is coated with wear-resistant material. General lubrication between the piston and the conveying cylinder two: one is the automatic lubrication, each pumping time, a lubricating oil with automatic refueling system; the other is a manual oiling system, manual oiling regularly. For the automatic refueling system, need to periodically check the oil line is smooth, otherwise once the oil piston cylinder will be blocked, and delivering rapid wear; manual for refueling system, the operator should work according to the different environment, add lubricating oil regularly, usually 1 times /h. Remember: when refueling, be sure to move the piston to the bottom of the vertical refueling point, so that the oil into the middle of the oil tank.

The pumping process, the operator also often hold cylinder operation, namely in the master cylinder piston runs to the end point, move the button operation, keep 5 ~ 8s, to supplement the main cylinder sealing oil chamber of the hydraulic oil (who rely on pump, proximity switch commutation should be as close as possible to the master cylinder proximity switch on one side, to make full use of transport) cylinder stroke, avoid conveying cylinder local wear.

Operators should also pay close attention to the water tank, once the water has been found turbid or sand in the water, indicating that the piston may wear, the need to replace the piston in a timely manner, otherwise it will exacerbate the piston and cylinder wear. If the replacement of the new piston, the water quickly and become muddy, indicating that the delivery cylinder has been worn, the need to replace the delivery cylinder. Conditional word, can determine whether the wear by measuring the transport cylinder bore, under normal circumstances, the inner wall of the cylinder of chromium plating thickness only (0.2 ~ 0.25) mm, when the diameter increases (0.45 ~ 0.55) mm, you need to replace the transport cylinder.

In addition, the cooling water temperature in the tank is also very important, the water temperature is too high, it will aggravate the wear of the piston, the need to replace the cooling water tank.

3 pipeline

Take over, be sure to pick up from the pump outlet, that is, before and after the back, must not be connected to the first two, then the middle.

Incorrect connection, will make the pipeline between the existence of "internal force", the pump is easy to cause the pipeline from the joint fracture. After the pipeline is connected, the outlet of the pump, the elbow pipe and the pipe hanging place should be fixed firmly in order to prevent the pipeline from being damaged.

Because of the distance from the pump near the pipe concrete pressure is high, so the pump outlet to use the new pipe wall thickness, the old pipe with thin wall in the far away from the pump, which can improve the service life of the pipeline, while reducing the possibility of pipe explosion.

For the elbow, the most serious wear away from the side of the pump, it is often used to turn around the elbow, in order to extend its service life.